Entry: Wedding Chimes.... Friday, May 16, 2008

As I hastily packed my bags this evening, rushing to join the infuriating long-weekend crawl to Montreal's Trudeau Airport, the 7pm sun was streaking unabashedly through the bedroom windows. On days like this, when Excel, play-offs or binges weren't cramping my style, I'd play some Davis, Coltrane or Monk and settle down in my rocking chair with some tea and a book to enjoy another balconyful of sunset! I guess I'll miss these evenings with myself. And the few luxuries that the reckless abandonment of bachelordom offers - like the St.Hubert delivery boxes piled in the kitchen competing for space with beer bottles... But everything else in the house was handpicked carefully for another purpose... Like the equal distribution of jazz and hard-rock in my CD rack... Like the blue striped cushions in the couch, the little statuettes in the bedside table, the slouched teddy peering between the cable receiver and the DVD player... For another person... Another journey hand in hand... The house was only being watched over until the mistress arrives in all her regalia this fall - though her kindness permitted the keeper certain wanton indulgences...

In life, if you are lucky, you fall in love... Once, a dozen times, it doesn't really matter! As long as you loved with an intense heat that scorched your very being! If you are luckier, someone would love you in return. A bit like finding God I guess, at the tunneling end of blind relentless faith! But if you are really lucky, if you are that charmed proverbial chosen one, you'd be able to see someone fight for you... Tooth and nail, staking all they ever held dear in their life... Tossing it all up into an ancient air where self-righteousness and the treachery of human dogmatism awaits greedily to tear it to chunk in hyena bite pieces... All for that mysterious something they love in you that suddenly gives your existence a very humbling self-worth!

Over the last three and a half years, I bore entranced witness to a simple little girl's dogged battle for "us"! I stood by the sidelines and cheered, consoled, encouraged and at times, just lost patience... But she'd persevere through it all... Through three years where words were wielded like whiplashes... Where suggestive silences could strike where words failed...Where witches preached what was heeded as wisdom and the weak were burnt on undying stakes... And she triumphed... Against odds which would have seen me buckle a long time back!

And it's time now to celebrate and formalized what began three long years ago in this very space... B and I tie the knot, with the blessing of family and friends, this Thursday. Those we missed in our personal mails and calls, especially Plasma and others whom we know in only their cyber-avtaars, do drop a line @ atticus.finch@rediffmail.com and I'll send you the details. This is probably the lousiest way to invite people but then, when the bride and groom met through a blog, got to know each other by email, fell in love over YM and nurtured a relationship for months before finally meeting in person, the expectations aren't to be set very high!

So, do turn up, if you get a chance.  If not, I guess this is as good a place to raise a glass...

Love and Peace,


May 5, 2015   08:51 AM PDT
You know you are going away again for a really short time. And though I told you, I will be completely fine for three days, I am going to miss you like crazy;).
June 26, 2008   07:10 PM PDT
nice! congratulations! :)
June 20, 2008   01:20 AM PDT
Congrats! Best wishes...
June 16, 2008   02:14 AM PDT
Thanks a ton, everyone...
June 15, 2008   08:18 AM PDT
Very many congratulations and great wishes to both of you! :-)
May 25, 2008   12:26 AM PDT
Wishing you both a very happy and wonderful begining..
Dark Druid
May 23, 2008   12:33 AM PDT
Congratulation Atticus and to your (B)eloved :-)
God bless!
\m/ \m/
Dark Druid
May 20, 2008   02:04 AM PDT
Congratulations ! And a toast to you and your beloved :)
May 20, 2008   02:03 AM PDT
Two streams, tumultuous
Blending into a harmonious whole;
Ahead, the long journey to the Ocean.
May 19, 2008   05:48 AM PDT
Congratulations! :)
May 17, 2008   07:53 AM PDT
Heartiest congratulations Atticus! May you both have a blessed and fulfilling married life! :)
May 17, 2008   07:43 AM PDT
Wishing both of you a very happy and beautiful married life ahead :)
May 17, 2008   05:21 AM PDT
Hearty Congratulations and wishing you both a happy married life well in advance bro...will definitely miss B's company once she is off to Mtl!
May 17, 2008   12:40 AM PDT
My heartiest wishes for your new journey da :)
~ thiyagu

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