Entry: The Last Word Monday, February 25, 2008

I often take a stroll in the cemetery just across the road from where I live. Before you conclude that I am incorrigibly morbid, it's a beautiful space - lush green in summer and draped in bright, beautiful white in winter. Though the stroll is just to take some in some fresh air, I do look at some the grave-stones. And I can't help feeling a bit disappointed. An epitaph is your last word - the one line by which future generations who were lucky never to know would use to make your acquaintance. Shouldn't it be a wee bit more reflective of your personality than  a drab - "Born ...... Dead....", "RIP" etc?

I have decided that mine would be an eye-catcher... I have had enough of people walking past me without a second look in real life! So, here's a personal short-list I am working on... Nominations and new suggestions are most welcome...
# Never born! Never dead! Just a parole violator from hell...
# See you soon... (Sooner than you think!!!)
# Press here if you want to take a peek in. (You know you wanna ;))
# Sorry, this spot is taken. Try the one three rows up to the left.
# Underground sex is hugely under-rated!
# Sometimes it gets real hot in here. Thank God your bedroom is air-conditioned...
# I wish I could forgive you...
# To Let!
# Ah, another one!!! What does a man have to do to get some privacy around here?!!

Gravestones in the Snow
Fall in Montreal
Adding the second pic just to make my point that a cemetery walk isn't as morbid as it sounds...


February 27, 2008   02:23 PM PST

Freakin blogdrive and my unwillingness to shift to blogger :(
February 27, 2008   06:00 AM PST
My takes:

1) mmm...wats 'up' doc?
2) Hey! what are you lookin at?
3) Yuck! Go take a bath mate!
4) No! I dont understand!

Btw, I get to view ur blog with a horiz. scroll bar and lots of misaligned pics...whats up thalaiva?
February 26, 2008   01:47 PM PST

Hey, we strive to give lateral-thinking a "deeper" meaning :D
February 26, 2008   01:47 PM PST

No it isn't morbid... Look at the picture above.... :)

And a lot of people walk around there. Though now, I'd double-check if they walk or float :p
February 26, 2008   01:45 PM PST

Option d would be supercool if we could have voice messages in grave-stones... One can try a nice mallu accent :D
February 26, 2008   07:45 AM PST
ha ha ha....wat a thot process!!

here is my addition to your list:
1. huh..now I know what they meant by "Underworld"!
2. You and I, in this beautiful world, Green Grass Blue sky!
3. Oops...forgot my mobile :)
4. That driver was really drunk,Believe me!

enough for today! :D
February 26, 2008   05:40 AM PST
LOL! I like these.. my favorite is: 'to Let!' :D And maybe also this one.. "...Thank God your bedroom is air-conditioned..." :D

Also, what about these...?:
1. I'll be watching you.
2. You can run but you can not hide
3. I like flowers. I like chocolates even more
4. Ouch! Don't Step On Me!
5. Dead Woman Walking- sometimes in your backyard

Okay, I am stopping...

But, dude, this whole walking in the cemetry thing... is a little.. teeny-tiny bit morbid. I'm just sayin'....
February 26, 2008   04:17 AM PST
My list of suggestions:

a. Beware of Dog
b. I died, so will you.
c. HTTP 404: Dead not found
d. Enna rascala ! Mind it !
e. I know what you did last summer
f. I will know what you will do next winter
g. Who, me?
h. Livin' in with worms & vermins

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