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Saturday, February 05, 2005
The Many Loves of Atticus - Vol II of CCXXI - Growing Pains

[Part-II of a series... Part-I found here]

Junior School is a strange place. It's that phase where life is full of thrilling possibilities. You get stronger.You get wiser.With time, you get wise enough to realise getting wiser doesn't make things any easier.You are not unlike an eaglet standing on the edge of your eyrie, ready to jump into a bottomless canyon - puny wings all aflap and eyes closed tight in fervent prayer. You try hard to hide those last fluffy feathers from your fledgling days, draw yourself to full height (which isn't much) and look brave even as you tremble at the prospect of never mastering flight! You look desperately for the promise of deliverance from this limbo - an additional inch, one whisker on that barren upper-lip, a semblance of muscle in your arm. Amid all this soul-searching, the distaff side of the class just shifts gears into a pace of its own, like Ethiopians in the last lap of an Olympic 10000m race!

All around you, girls grow taller - and shapely ;). They are no longer the familiar faces you'd bullied in Primary School. They tower above you, smile disparagingly as you pass by, make jokes among themselves and giggle out loud. It was, thus, an unfair world... Just when young Atticus was moving away from his first romantic tryst onto bigger things, the said things had literally gotten too big for his 140-cm frame to handle. And to make it worse, this phase of my humble existence was when Miss M stormed in!

With a nasal voice, a perpetual scowl and a temper that was lost forever, Miss M was the kind of school-teacher who should have stuck to ill-treating David Copperfields and Nicholas Nickelbys in Dickensian public schools. But there she was in flesh and blood - my class-VI teacher. For some reason, M and I just never got along (Among other things, she didn't quite approve of the last-row enterprise I ran trading football-star picture-cards for goodies and cash). I had managed to negotiate one touchy half-term in these treacherous waters when M struck - merciless and fatal!

Poor Atticus was lifted from his all-male last-bench bastion and dropped unceremoniously between the two tallest girls in class!!! There I sat... dwarfed, unloved and ridiculed. Every attempt at small talk during the morning study-hour was greeted with hushes which came from a good 3 inches above my ears. Strict boundaries were marked in the desk giving me just about enough space to get one foot in. Any attempt to pass notes, comment at teachers or throw chalk was met with and exchange of fateful looks and at times, severe warnings.

Those were days when my fears confronted me - the ominous possibility of remaining shorter than every girl in the neighbourhood, the ever-present threat of being bullied and beaten up by girls, the possibility of burning to ashes in M's stares during English class.Those were also days when I learnt more about the girls next to me... That barring a particularly unimaginative way of dealing with rules (man, they actually studied during study hours and prayed during prayer), they were pretty cool people... That they too liked making ink-devils, watched cricket and hated M... That they were as worried about growth as I was about the lack of it...!

In the next two terms, I got real friendly with my neighbours. So much so that M had to shift me back to Boyland. But, for those three years in Junior School, romance was never in the schoolroom air. May be I was so obsessed with flying that whom I flew with didn't matter temporarily. May be I didn't like the idea of craning my neck for a smooch. For whatever reason, that's how things remained - loveless and quiet as young Atticus awaited adulthood and deliverance...!

February 14, 2005   12:41 PM PST

Harmless...Hmmm, lemme see for myself at the CBM... :|

Thanx and happy VDay to you too buddy :))

February 14, 2005   12:32 PM PST

Welcome Buddy!!! :)

And yeah, Trichy indeed was OH-SO-WONDERFUL!!!!!!! :)
February 14, 2005   02:46 AM PST
Hey... stumbled upon this site by accident. Totally amazing!!!! As an RSKite and a student of Prema Juney and a guy who went through a string of crushes right from 4th Std, I am really moved by your writings! It made me go on a Oh-Trichy-was-so-good rant yday! Do drop by my nascent blog sometime. What's ur real name btw? I might have seen you in the cricket grounds:P
February 13, 2005   08:26 PM PST

Hugs to you too Sis :)
February 13, 2005   08:25 PM PST

Hope you don't have a mean-street past like Phoebe :D
February 13, 2005   02:52 PM PST
giving my early hugs for the Vday :)
February 11, 2005   03:42 PM PST

Will come there with a big bag to collect contributions... Hope you all contribute liberally to the cause of feeding a penniless student :(...
February 10, 2005   02:40 PM PST

Dude, please don't put off the few readers of this blog with brand-management jargon...! X-(

Save all that for placement-week :)
February 10, 2005   02:34 PM PST

Haven't done much blog-hopping of late buddy... Will catch up with my reading shortly... :|

Whatz with the CBM? Postponed again?
February 10, 2005   10:10 AM PST

Well friend..those were the days when nitid used to get warned by his class teacher to get a haircut or else....not for me those 0.5 cm hair...alas dats the default lenght now...of whatever little remains of my crowning glory ;))

but seriously dude....will be we what we r today wihtout that.....

in the Kapferer's prism of brand Lakesidey and brand Nitid...that is a the most importnt element of physique :p

ok ok..have read a wee bit too much last night!!
February 10, 2005   08:42 AM PST
cheers to 0.5cm hairlenght then!!!!
February 8, 2005   10:16 AM PST

I DID grow... Pretty much above-average by my region's standards...
So now, the problem's the other way round... ;)
February 8, 2005   10:10 AM PST

Hmmm... Given the thick mat of curly, unmaintenable hair I have now, 0.5cm still seems a good idea... :))
If only I weren't too lazy to visit the hairdresser... :(
February 8, 2005   09:47 AM PST
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!my sympathies!!or no wait...maybe i'm being too liberal with that....the point is...did u grow much taller after that??perfeckly understand the ignominy if u dint :-|
February 8, 2005   09:05 AM PST
LOL! hair lenght LOL! loved that. anyways, you were innocent then and not minding how dorky you look like.. you'd even adore the guy next door or your folks for dressing you up and always fixing your hair. nah! :p ;)
February 7, 2005   07:47 PM PST
I also had the 0.5 cm hair length problem....but now people like Nitid and myself would surely look back to those golden days with nostalgia, at least we had a full head of hair, however short ;) What say Nitid boy?
February 7, 2005   01:44 PM PST

Deliverance did happen... ;)

Adulthood...hmmm... as you said, Atticus is still a "sensible kid" with "kid" being the operative word :D
February 7, 2005   01:34 PM PST
... and did 'deliverance' happen? :)

P.S: If it were not for my good karma phase, I would've also asked if 'adulthood' had! :) Though, it would be a silly thing to do, cos Atticus is a very sensible kid! :)))
February 7, 2005   12:48 PM PST
yes bro.. got that =)
February 7, 2005   12:08 PM PST
Am glad you liked it, Ma'am :)
February 7, 2005   12:05 PM PST

Hugggsssss Sis! Strolled by your place this morning after a while.. :)

Ponytails... I wudn't have minded ponytails... My parents ensured my head always looked like an overgrazed meadow - never had hair longer than 0.5cm in all those years :((
February 7, 2005   12:01 PM PST
@pLasma: Thanx again... will check it out... :)
February 7, 2005   10:22 AM PST
very good read sirjee..
Enjoyed it as usual....:)
February 7, 2005   09:31 AM PST
hey atticus, sup buddy? ;) =) love this one..

also the time when one looks dorky and with all those clothes folks try to dress you up with hair in ponytail and you are damn proud of.

whatta face! i mean phase :p hugsssss
February 7, 2005   12:34 AM PST
But, pray, whatever does it explain...?
February 7, 2005   12:33 AM PST
Checked out the link... So Bill did go to Kenyon... and odds are, he did make that speech :)
February 6, 2005   07:51 PM PST
good post...explains a lot of things;)
February 6, 2005   03:39 PM PST

Big time Bill W fan yes... The most treasurest part of my hard-disc is the 330 MB "Entiire Calvin & Hobbes" folder :)

Thanx for the link... Nice speech! BTW, is this "commencement speech" true...? Have read the Sunscreen one attributed to Kurt Vonnegut and another by Larry Ellison. Both extremely good... both never happened :)
February 6, 2005   02:58 AM PST

Welcome to this space, Buddy... Glad you liked it :)
February 6, 2005   02:55 AM PST

Things do change, don't they...?!
Oh..had I only known I'd be 5'10" and all-muscle one day :p
February 5, 2005   11:29 PM PST
great post!!

maan how things change.....;))
February 5, 2005   11:26 PM PST

Hmmm.... Now I know :))

Welcome to this space, C.S. !!!
February 5, 2005   10:52 PM PST
LOL!!! You have plenty of time now... Shift into turbo mode soldier :))
February 5, 2005   10:49 PM PST
Thanx for the "er" added to "young"... So considerate :D

Sigh... How I wish the Miss Ms of this world visit me with similar punishments now ... ;)
February 5, 2005   10:22 PM PST
Yessir! I am....a rather silent fan :D
Nitid will vouch for that ;-)
February 5, 2005   10:18 PM PST
i could not speak to girls untill i was seventeen..........!!!!!!!!!!1
February 5, 2005   09:40 PM PST

Thanx buddy...:)

"As usual"..? Hmmm...You a regular here??
February 5, 2005   08:02 PM PST
Fabulous! usual :)

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