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Monday, January 03, 2005
A Goodbye...

He wouldn't have wanted anybody's New Year to start that way. But then, when you have seen half-a-dozen years come and go, another one probably isn't that big a deal. My cousin's call early on a particularly misty first of January left me dazed - Grandpa, the first person we all usually call up to wish, had bid this world farewell.

In the end, it was life well lived and it ended well. He died with the independence he so fiercely protected firmly intact - mobile, conscious, a provider for himself and his kin till the very end, in a house that he built after starting with next to nothing in India, surrounded by inconsolable grandchildren in whose successes he took such pride...

They say when a man is born in the mountains, a lasting spell is cast on him. No matter where he might roam in the course of his life, he would return to the mountains for his last days. Grandpa never returned to the lush tea-gardens and hills of Nuwara Eliya - he took the essence of the mountains with him instead. And like them he stood tall - brave and upright, fighting for what he loved and believed - an example for all of us to follow!

Goodbye my dearest Grandfather! Thank you for everything - a roof above our heads, genuine concern, timely advice, love and inspiration... For making all of us what we are today!

January 9, 2005   01:51 AM PST
@Bhavya, CA, Osty,MWnN, Divya, Angel, Rhea:

Thanxalot people for all the kind concern, comments, mails!

I think he was lucky in many ways that the end happened the way it did.

But am gonna miss him like hell though :|
January 9, 2005   12:28 AM PST
I am sorry Atticus, I know how u feel.
Keep the faith.
January 8, 2005   03:35 PM PST
people say words to comfort us. but i do want to hug you..

just what i wanted when my brother died.

so here's a tight hug dear atticus.
>:D< do take care.
January 7, 2005   09:26 PM PST
do I know you? who are you?? if its a secret, care to mail me??
January 7, 2005   03:36 PM PST
I am so sorry...I am regular reader of urs.Ur postings are simply great.I enjoy reading them.
Juz wanted to pass on my appreciations..

January 5, 2005   10:40 AM PST
We never really die... we live through everyone whose lives we touch.. so your grandpa lives on....

May he rest in peace.....

Take care Atticus
January 4, 2005   12:09 PM PST
Thou Art Being and Breath and what Thou art can never be broken.

Amen, lord.

January 3, 2005   05:22 PM PST
Hey ,

This is the same grandpa about whom you have written a post right?
I am so sorry...

..What Can I say...??

lots of Hugs and its life..

Take care

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