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Saturday, November 27, 2004
The Timelessness of Ephemera

I sit in my bed on a surreal winter morning - the lukewarm sun spewing gold and mystery through my window. In a short walk through the lake of molten gold where water-birds fish for dreams, I swear I can see ElDorado behind few shapeless trees. And mynah swarms, like cacophonous witches, warn me of some mystical curse. But the spell is cast and I sit enchanted...

I am cold and drowsy. I cannot sleep. I listen to a song. I read a poem. Nothing fits. I just stare...

I am Atticus. Passer-by. Year-long dweller at E201, New Hostel. As ephemeral as the ripples on the lake. I am accursed! Soon to be forgotten... and to soon forget.

I am Atticus. Sun gazer. Watcher of water-birds on golden lakes. Traveller with the winter sun. I am accursed! I shall last forever - an eternal shimmer on a dream-filled lake, my secrets shrouded in shapeless mists.

Houston Home Security
December 30, 2011   01:18 AM PST
I love your blog, you should add an RSS feed feature so I can get automatic notifications of new blogs. If you set one up please email me! I will bookmark you for now. Again Excellent Blog!
December 3, 2004   12:13 PM PST
oh the joys of bein unacademic :)))))) lol
December 2, 2004   11:34 AM PST
@Lakesidey & CA:
Let's jus say - YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
Exams finally over... :D
December 2, 2004   11:07 AM PST
Exam time CA....those two mighty minds are busy battling it out on academic grounds. No time for frivolous tap-dancing or verbal sparring for 'em....

I, on the other hand got through with exams yesterday :) Oh, the joys of being unacademic :) :)
December 2, 2004   10:44 AM PST
hmph. the whole jokes gone a bit too far now hasnt it? i mean with u n nitid...all talk no action :p
December 1, 2004   08:41 PM PST
@Garfy: Welcome to Maycomb County, buddy :)

Only got hearsay 'bout Oedipus' Journey... Never read :(

December 1, 2004   01:50 PM PST
Hi.... followed you from Osty's....

Nice pic, even better post! Are you into literature? It sounds like Oedipus on his journey...bein enchanted!

okie I have lost it! ;P
Angel F
December 1, 2004   08:10 AM PST
i hope i could get my butt back to being 'there' too.

it's so hard now though. i'd better get back now. i got TONS of catching up to do
December 1, 2004   06:11 AM PST
If I get something A-ish after grade drops, you get CCD treat!! :D
December 1, 2004   12:07 AM PST
@Lakesidey: Wow! Will Atticus get a treat if u get something A-ish in Ethics? :)

@Sugarplum: U LOLzz too much at poor Atticus' expense... I'll punish Nitid for that :)
November 30, 2004   08:37 PM PST
3 down, 2 to go here. God, let me just get C+s. BTW Atticus, you might be interested to know....I submitted a book review of tKaM today....for my Ethics course:P:P

Nitid, what're you cribbing about? You are higher than me at any rate....though not quite in the Attic yes;)
November 30, 2004   03:36 PM PST
November 30, 2004   12:28 PM PST
@NITID: *****SPAM*****
November 30, 2004   12:20 PM PST
Exam update:

The Atticus juggernaut rolls on...another exam ..another A+ for Atticus.

if only nitid did half as well as this guy :-s
November 29, 2004   07:58 PM PST

Very true... Most of the stuff I've learnt in the last few months is already a D..I..S..T..A..N..T memory :)

Two down... three to go... No serious damage so far :))
November 29, 2004   07:55 PM PST
Yeah, I rocked... And it's been raining non-stop in the Sahara all month :D
Don't you ever trust that baldin 'un :)
ANgel F
November 29, 2004   02:02 PM PST
nitid told me you rocked in your exam!

congrats buddy

i'd be back to school tomorrow too

=( i should prepare myself with the you=be=better=and sorry=about=your=bro=sympathy=look. im not sure if i am ready for those though :(
November 29, 2004   01:07 PM PST
@Angel: Thanx buddy :)
November 29, 2004   01:04 PM PST
@Ossie: Yeah, what isn't ephemeral... :)

Even Commercial Banking exams come to an end... Although the 150 minutes did feel like an eternal fall into an endless abyss at several junctures :D
ANgel F
November 29, 2004   09:40 AM PST
i am returning your 'conditional' hug bro [ :D ]

hmmm nitid is taking it seriously now, huh?

pls watch out for him :D

November 29, 2004   03:08 AM PST
@Surinderxx : Thanks for droppin by :)

Can't take credit for the photo though... It's one of those beautiful snaps of this beautiful campus of ours that are circualting on our LAN...
November 28, 2004   10:39 PM PST
excellent writing :) . and beautiful pic :)
November 28, 2004   09:37 PM PST
@Angel: Was out at Nitid's room in a last minute desperate bid to decode "Commercial Banking" :(

A "conditional" hug now on your tagboard :D
ANgel F
November 28, 2004   07:49 PM PST
a hug pls
November 28, 2004   02:44 AM PST
@Neelima and Apple : Thanx folks!

Looks like I'm gonna set a sunrise-to-sunrise record here in "diligent" exam cram... 0:)
November 27, 2004   11:22 PM PST
Awesome piece of writing this. Struck a chord deep within. :)
November 27, 2004   07:20 PM PST
Hi,u left a comment few days back,thanks,and u have a nice blog here,and the pic is beautiful,one which can take u to endless dreams and the peace u keep searching in u r life.
niceone,keep going.
November 27, 2004   07:11 PM PST
@CA: You in good old Kolkata, right?

If you are my kind ( read: eternally impoverished :D ), the best place to get Terry Pratchett will be "pearl-diving" in the Gariahat roadside shops. If the pursestrings can be loosened up enough, Oxford should carry the books.

BTW, y all the sorrow? U hav exams too? ?:(
November 27, 2004   06:58 PM PST

Sorry sir! Thooka kalakkathulla ezhutheetein :))
November 27, 2004   06:56 PM PST
@ Angel: Me jus art connoisseur :| And tap-dancing is pretty high art-form :)

And I am afraid Nitid took my post too seriously. Last seen, he was going shoppin for short-skirts :D
November 27, 2004   04:41 PM PST
hi mayur!

appappo koncham piriyira mathiri eluthalam...

tirunelveli alvada
'tiruchi' mala kotada

indha mathiri...ok..ok...sorry

but i guess u r in a mission to use every single word from that note book of yours :)
Angel F
November 27, 2004   04:29 PM PST
hey atticus, admit it. you are the one who wants to go on belly dancing and strip teasing :D

don't pass on me and CA sis about is being a big fan! :D

nitid, where are yah man? :D defent thyself! or do you like it :D
November 27, 2004   02:47 PM PST
@Ashwin: Thanx mate!

Etched in stone right at the entrance of the Center for Human Values in my campus is this rather stupid translation from Tagore - "Perpetual giving up is the only truth of life"!!! Somehow, during exams, I am in full agreement :p
November 27, 2004   01:38 PM PST
hey atticus, got to admit, your's is the best blog i read, goodluck with those exams, later!
November 27, 2004   11:48 AM PST
@Anand: Thanks man! Reminds me of our weekend sunrises at Elliot's Beach :)

Time winkin at me is great... But right now me blinking at books :(( Exams from Monday and as usual, me yet to start :(
November 27, 2004   11:46 AM PST
@CA (aka Magrat): Thanks for revoking the curses :)) And glad you liked the post and my entry for Angel's contest :D
November 27, 2004   11:43 AM PST
@Nitid: Quit worryin about grades and continue your dance-practice. Angel, CA and your biggest fan, Atticus are eagerly awaiting your performance :D
November 27, 2004   11:00 AM PST
Beautiful...Passerby in the world of ephemera, time just stopped to wink at you...:)
November 27, 2004   09:54 AM PST
It still resulted in my going for an hour's morning addition to the two hours I had already walked in the night.....
November 27, 2004   09:37 AM PST
I knew stayed up the whole of last night mugging CommB and BrandMan.......dude...take it not studying this term....u dont have to try so hard to beat me ;))
November 27, 2004   07:40 AM PST
@Lakesidey: :)) BTW, the pic isn't mine. Got it from \\cadmus :)
November 27, 2004   07:37 AM PST
I empathise. I too cannot sleep....and the lake, the beautiful lake beckons....

Nice pic, I must say :)

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